The market for inground swimming pool options is enormous and can be overwhelming, but
there are only a handful that every inground pool owner should consider. Here are some important swimming pool options
that you should consider and why.

A spa that is attached will do so much for you and your swimming pool. A spa not only enhances the design of your pool, but also provides you with a relaxing spot where you can rest after a vigorous swim. A spa is a great way to relax your aching or tired muscles or to relax away the cares of the day.

Inground pool lighting can elevate the entire mood of your backyard patio area and provide safety for late night swimmers. This is one of those options that if you are considering it, now would be the time to opt for it. In-pool lighting is difficult to add on to an inground pool later and will cost you a lot more after the fact.

The sound of moving water is mesmerizing and provides health benefits such as stress relief and relaxation. The best part about adding a water feature to your inground pool is it allows you to enjoy the pool without even being in it. Adding a water feature to your inground pool can be as simple as a deck jet or as elaborate as a custom waterfall. Water features that circulate the pool water are not easily added on later and should be planned for during the construction phase of your project.

A tanning ledge is a very shallow shelf in the pool that is usually at least 5 feet wide and 9 inches deep. This shelf acts as an entry point to your pool and can span its full or partial width. It should be just deep enough for you to be in the water without having to swim or float. Many people use it to relax, keep cool, read a book, or play. You can also put furniture on your tanning ledge, including lounge chairs, umbrellas, and even small tables.

Fire bowls for pools are simple but are inspiring elements that modernize your design and create visual perfection.  We know that you are trying to find that final finishing touch to your pool. They’re perfect for the water lovers that enjoy listening to relaxing flowing water or the fire lovers that just want to warm up a bit after getting out of the pool on a cool summer night.

Beach entries are a custom feature to complement your pool. A beach entry is a sloped, graduated opening to a swimming pool that typically replaces the regular steps into the water. The design mimics the appearance and functionality of the natural beach at a lake or ocean. Positioned at the pool’s shallow end, the entry point is constructed to be even with the deck. Most of the entry is submerged, but a small section of it—the top part where it meets the deck—is usually dry. Sloping from the deck—like a long ramp—into the pool, the entry becomes progressively deeper with each step. As you walk into the pool, this configuration provides a gentle transition into deeper water.

A vanishing edge pool is a reflecting or swimming pool where the water flows over one or more edges, producing a visual effect of water with no boundary. Such pools are often designed so that the edge appears to merge with a larger body of water such as the ocean, or the sky.