Pool Pricing

What a new inground pool costs is something everyone considering a new pool wants to pin down. Evaluating pool prices is critical before you sign a sales contract. Before offering an estimate, it is critical to understand all of the features and elements you want for your pool and to account for all variables involved in construction.

Palm Pools strives to ask the right questions and create a detailed plan to avoid the hidden fees. The team at Palm Pools will personalize the pool-design process and give you a written inground pool cost proposal. This way, you know what you are getting from day one, and your Palm Pools team can execute your backyard dream as seamlessly as possible.

The average starting cost for a swimming pool in Houston and the surrounding areas is approximately $50,000. If you are thinking of adding a spa, the average cost rises to approximately $56,000. Palm Pools offers a wide range of pricing. No matter your budget, we will work to find a solution.